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A running air conditioner is one of those things we don’t consider the importance of until we’re trying to do without one. When those soaring summer days are out in full force, you’ll want it fixed ASAP. If you want to avoid the hassle, why not trust your cooling problems to the company with the greatest AC repair in Trabuco Canyon? You’ll discover how we earned our reputation.

1st Choice Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. offers rapid service and unequaled expertise. We work with every major brand of AC equipment including simple window units to sprawling commercial systems. We won’t rest until the job is finished properly the first time.

So what are you searching for? A complete maintenance package? Or maybe you need emergency repairs to fend off a pricey replacement. Whatever the job, 1st Choice Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. and our team of trained, insured and licensed techs are ready to get that AC working again fast. Repairs will be done with before that heat wave shows up.

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There are many things that can happen to your air conditioning unit over its life span. But have we told you there are also many ways you can recognize signs of trouble? For example, changing your AC’s air filter every few months will keep dust and debris from affecting other parts of the system. Listening for bizarre sounds can also indicate trouble.

Other problems can be traced back to an electrical component like the thermostat or breaker box. Look at both of these first if your cooling system isn’t turning on at all. If you discover exposed or damaged wiring, call for professional help! We have the tools to fix any bad wiring quickly and safely.

Another issue many owners face is warm air coming into the house instead of cold air. Your unit may need more refrigerant.

And of course there’s always the chance your home or business isn’t getting enough cool air to actually lower the temperature. Most often this is because airflow is poor. Swapping out the filter can take care of this. If there are hot and cold spots in your home, the clog might be deeper in your vents. This will require professional assistance.

Don’t forget to watch for stains and leaks. Listen for unusual sounds coming from vents or the outdoor unit as well. These small details can be tough to notice. But if you’re careful, you could find a problem while it’s still relatively small. Fast repairs are always ideal, and we’re the fastest service company around.

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AC Service in Trabuco Canyon and Surrounding Areas

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It may seem more cost-effective to try HVAC maintenance on your own. Don’t lose sight of all the benefits of hiring a professional instead. You’ll have the peace of mind a well-trained, friendly technician is looking after the health of your air conditioning system. Investing in high-quality maintenance now is the best way to avoid costly emergency repairs or replacement installation further down the line.

We don’t want that to happen. Why not consider signing up for one of our effective annual AC maintenance plans? We created them with the customer in mind. With regularly scheduled service calls, we’ll have the chance to thoroughly examine all important components and replace or repair parts that require extra attention. You could discover your monthly energy bills going down. Another benefit of a maintenance plan is the chance to lengthen the overall life span of your air conditioner. Consistent maintenance now means getting years more out of your AC system.

We also provide the very best AC installation in Trabuco Canyon. Feel free to chat with us if you want to switch your old air conditioner with a brand-new system. Eventually you’ll have to, but when will hinge on the age of your AC unit, as well as how often it needs servicing. Many air conditioning systems last from 10 to 15 years. If yours is older, it is more likely to break down more severely. You might find yourself spending more on maintenance than what an upgrade costs. At that time we’ll be more than ready to help you determine which brand, pricing and desired features is ideal for you. You’ll walk away confident you made the right decision. We can assure you your choice will be an effective, reliable system that will serve you well for years to come.

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