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Too Soon? Think Again Now is the Time for Furnace Service in Lake Forest

Just because winter is coming to a close doesn’t mean that it’s time to forget about your furnace until next winter. The nicest way to prepare for any season is to service your furnace now and make sure that it is prepared when it’s needed. Yes, in a few weeks you will be turning your thermostat off from the ‘heat’ setting, but don’t forget about that final winter checklist piece to ensure that your furnace won’t bring upong any unforeseen problems this summer and next early fall.

Trusting your furnace after months of dormancy is always a wager. It isn’t sensible to think that months of winter means you can disregard your system. That, on top of months of inactivity with your furnace in the summer, can cause maintenance issues and dirt buildup, especially if there is no scheduled tune-up.

So why right now? Why is servicing your furnace beneficial?

Regular furnace service can help you steer clear from a number of potential problems within the year, including:

  • Dangerous situations with gas or oil issues in your furnace
  • More intricate furnace problems that could lead to impending furnace replacement
  • Lowered efficiency, due to an old furnace
  • An annulled warranty after sporadic maintenance over time

Forgetting regular furnace service and leaving it to chance with Lake Forest weather is not the greatest option.

The best way to consider your furnace is to treat it like your car. Vehicles always need specific regular maintenance to keep everything operating efficiently, and without this maintenance, the lifetime of your car would be reduced. It’s the same for your furnace, and the perfect time to setup service is now before you forget! If you want to learn more about what the team at 1st Choice Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. can do for you and your furnace this season, give us a call at 949-204-0859.

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